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From quite some time now , I was thinking to write something about Kerela. Days before my visit , I was already excited with the idea of knocking around the God's own country. In Kerela Express from New Delhi to Trivandrum ; I could smell literature watching the modulations in flavors , dresses , languages and what not. More importantly the typical South Indian food had started and the only thing I hated (just a little bit) was too much of rice.

'Murgan' served us really well in the train
 The Auto Rickshaw guy was the first person we met in Trivandrum (who could barely speak English). He was a lovely guy who kept smiling all the way through just that he charged us a little extra. Even though my hair might have the same number of curls as a Malayali guy but it was the accent that was hard to match. I entered the cultural complex known as Vylopilly Samskrithi Bhawan which was the venue for the Literary Festival. It made me fall in love with the natural and the architectural aspect of the place. Why would someone want to move out from this place, I was thinking? (I actually had to attend a literary festival there for two days.)

View from the 'Bhawan'
 So, finally the morning, hours before the event just had to be kick started. I had been feeling the fresh air for about an hour now. The air certainly felt relaxing and the tinge of ‘nip’ was refreshing. Breakfast, I expected some idli but it was Idiyappam with egg curry something new for me but a  taste worth remembering. Also it was a good beginning and sign of things to come. In the evening I went to the Shangumugham beach in Trivandrum , Though I  could not make it in time to catch the 'sunset'. The fact that I don't understand Malayalam made me fall in love(again) with the language and people speaking it more and more. Then we(I went there with my friend) thought of exploring Trivandrum by feeling it's essence. We wanted to dissolve , merge , with everyone , with the city.  Soon , thereafter we were soaking up the environment through the streets.  

At shangumugham beach
I used to be a vegetarian before I had been to Kerela. Just when I say that , What i do remember is the wonderful fresh water cooked fish we had at 'Allepey' in a houseboat , The experience worth a thought. The houseboat went backwaters , It was exquisite and natural , with coconut trees and water all around me. Air brought that disposition and aura around. I just wanted to stay, stay forever. Not to forget the food we were offered (at the houseboat) . Majestic to say the least.  We stayed there for 24 hours.

These guys were wonderful

Inside the Houseboat
In next , we went to Kanyakumari which totally left us disappointed . We covered a lot of distance to get there only to find not so good food , temples and temples. I was more interested in the natural aspect of Kerela rather than the religious one. Yes , if they (temples) have something to do with the architecture , then I can give it a go but other than that I don't like going in one temple after the other. Completely my view. Yes must confess that we  did not have time to catch the sunset there as well.
At Kanyakumari

Some temple
I don’t care what anyone says but I found the place more at peace (comparing it with north). We traveled a lot in bus as well , Watching through the windows I could only see jewelery and sarees all over the cities. By the way , how beautiful women look in those sarees. Someone asked me why don't you take one for your mother. It's different here in north , Simplicity sometimes goes begging. Women wear sarees only in the marriages plus the sarees are worn the other way around. There , people are so used to it , I only see my mother messing everything up while wearing a Saree. 

With Mrs. Sandhya at the festival
Just when we were about to leave Sandhya chechi packed such wonderful food for us which had some wonderful flavors and juices. By the way she is Chief Editor of Indian Ruminations , a journal for Indian English Writers. Some Alarmed souls, Some Enormous minds, some beautiful girls, colossal poetry, what delicious food and still that peace. It sums up our visit.

Wanted to write a lot more , lot on Mullaperiyar dam issue as well. I leave it to my next post. All these days I did not write and read so much , i did miss reading her blog. It's all about understanding and no demonstration sometimes. I do connect a lot with her.


  1. A nice post about your holiday in God's own land..

  2. Ashish, I love Kerala....To date, my best holiday has been in Kovalam...We stayed in UDS, I still remember sitting at the beach at 2 in the night and just listening to the sea...

    I agree with Kanyakumari bit, not much to see...compared to TVM...

    And, the same backwaters...I too visited :) I miss those days....


  3. aah! I've never attended a literary festival to date :( & not yet been on a kerala houseboat either

    true, the natural aspect of kerala is an experience to soak in & me being non-veg we love what it has to offer in terms of food :)

  4. I visited Kochi in Dec 2004 for playing. Loved the place. Esp Cherai Beach (dunno what its 'actually') called. Watching the sea after so many years felt great.

    Loved your pics, especially the sunset ones.

  5. Good to read a north Indian write about my land..
    I am proud..and I am soo happy that you liked the place...
    It truly is a beauty, isnt it..
    And about saree..I love the cream with gold border traditional saree!


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