Saturday, October 29, 2011


Must confess that I am not really a fan of Facebook. Just in the past week I have been getting replies  to my messages which I had sent way back. (to people who were not my friends). I really like the idea of  sending emails if I get connected with someone. I might have sent many messages too. This is what some of them had to say:

Shraddha Srinath(vocalist):  Hey Ashish! I'M SORRY for the late reply! I'm unfamiliar with this whole system of different folders for different mails on FB. Anyway, thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked the song! Hope you're doing well. :)

Tom Luckose(technical lead): Hey Ashish, sorry for the late response, I can't believe I never clicked on the 'Others' under Messages till now. :O

Priyank Shah(yahoo editor):  The new FB message option really sucks! I never knew I had a message in my Inbox, till the day I decided to click on every available option at the left.  :D  Btw, thanks for the compliments 

And it was time that I clicked on this tab as well only to find 3 important messages(were expired now).  I really wish if I could have seen these messages earlier. May be you can check as well if you haven't?


  1. I am not on facebook and for good....
    Btw...people *including you* are this dumb that they did not see the other option? Its right there....*pun intended*

  2. i dont get messages on "others"... I am not that much active there too..btw look at this

    other messages came from messages
    messages came from chat
    and you know what..facebook chat sucks, so there is no way I'll go to others :)

    (my opinion)

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  3. I did not notice this either, Ashish!! Strange..


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