Sunday, February 2, 2014


"God Bless you sir, just asking for a rupee , not much" .She said.  I turned back and saw her down on her knees asking for money again.

Her brown locks , some of them caressing the top of her nose , some resting near her face , somewhat  messed up yet so beautiful. Her big black eyes , little poignant yet not so far from hope or prospect. She was probably around 10-12 years old.

"So what are you going to do with a rupee? " I asked.

Before she could answer I added , "Better you can eat something, if you are feeling hungry?". While I was busy buying grocery from a shop , she quickly ran to the next shop and started pointing towards something with a sheepish smile which  resembled the kind when I used to ask my parents of something I knew they would not easily agree to give. As i was unable to get a view of what she was pointing to , I just nodded at her and kept buying grocery.

In 5 minutes or so , I lost sight of her but was able to see her again getting ready to ask for money from other people.

In a haste , I went near her and asked her what would she like to have to which she replied 'Biscuits'. The one's with 'Cadbury'. It was as if she had underlined cadbury the way it came out.

I bought her a chocolate much to her delight. She looked happy.

Just when I was about to leave , saw many others going close to her wanting her to share what she had got, may be? Also some of them came asking for money  from me.

I sometimes don't know what to do in such situations but this time I sat near the little girl and avoided every one else.

The girl as smart she was (probably understanding  everything happening) uttered ,"I can bear this but don't want to finish it quickly, want to enjoy eating it."

And that made me leave.


  1. Wish there were more people who give as easily as you did.. D girl was lucky to find you ther as her help. :)

  2. Reminded me of the 'Good day' we gave to the old couple an Bannergatta.....
    Its beautiful , the way you put the incident in front of us.....
    I wish everyone could have a perception towards beggers as you do......

  3. Writing is called art for this precise reason.....and people like you just put real life with real words and make it real!!!

  4. That is a good thing you did. I had a coworker who never gave money to beggars, but ALWAYS bought them something to eat. Like telling a dhabawala to give a parantha to a child, and add it to his account.

    Someday, we might get to a situation where poor people do not need to be helped, because there are no more poor people. But that day seems as far as the day we have a global "cooling."

  5. pretty nice blog, following :)

  6. What a lively description. The penultimate line of yours (from that girl) was stunning.

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  8. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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