Friday, March 23, 2012

The evening walk: I made my day

Most days , nearly all the days when i am walking , I take a similar route. A route to a destination. Today was different though. There was a 'spring' in my step. I was alone but not really. I walked slowly perhaps more slower than an occasional jogger or cyclist would require.

I had nowhere to go so I took time and enjoyed the surroundings. I mixed with the  expressions , colors, fragrance and the changing music , nodded at the people I saw and waved to the drivers of the two and four wheelers going in opposite directions. I could not stop myself to talk with those two young girls wearing beautiful sarees. I tried eating a lot of bizarre things.I visited a bookstore.Just then I could see the animation , people had for shopping.I just stood there and laughed with them. 

Too often , I am in a hurry and thinking about things I shouldn't. I take the most  direct route from A to B and my mind is focussed on the new task. And in doing so I mess opportunity to savor this moment in time , a gift of present.

I made myself happy today. That's how i made my day.The only thing I missed was a camera.


  1. Love it how u express your feelings in words.
    Keep doin that!

  2. Walking is perhaps the best way of seeing and learning about people

  3. Such an adorable post. You did what's important - making yourself happy. Now some other day, make someone else happy too. :-)

  4. U shud do dis more often mate :)
    it was refreshing even for me! ;)

  5. The post gives an impression of a moment frozen in time, and the writer moving in very fast parallels..
    Loved the way u described it.

  6. To take out time to appreciate the small things in the joy and makes somebody's day in the process...just being there genuinely in that moment!!!


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