Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trying to Fly

Wrote it when i was very young (was my first poem) , so it may not be up to the mark in terms of thinking.

The day i thought, I could fly in the air
With the wings of a bird, and all that flair,
The thing that always gave me stings
Courtesy of the broken wings.

The day i wore my birthday ring,
Happiness and joy,
The order of strings!
Like a stroke into the sky
Could the broken wings fly so high?

Destiny turns around ,
Like a terror attack, 
With the floor of blood and
You know it's color,
Hurting souls inside as ever.

As hot as a word for the lusty needs, 
You know from where it came 
Where are it's seeds? 

The story blended with a desire to end,
For the wish to come true
It meant so much.. 
Turn around made me  to learn so much,
Lost in d moment and trying to fly,
Could the broken wings fly so high??


  1. nice poem...
    not bad for a first poem.(at ur age that time)

    following u now.

  2. Ashish, the day you realized you do not need wings to fly, no one will be able to stop you!

    It's way better than some I read on blogs these days....

    The Blunt Blog

  3. the only thing that makes someone perfect is keep trying... (in the context of last line)

    I wonder how beautiful you are writing now, if you wrote such a beautiful poem, when you were very young..will be looking forward..

    stay connected

  4. nice poem.....especially as written in a tender age.

  5. Hey its better that u fly with wings...:)flying with out wings wud be ironic.!

  6. as long as you're determined, doesn't matter whether the wings are broken or even not there at all.

    nice one. :-)

  7. @Kharren-Thanks, I like your picture so that confirms i will go through yours as well :D
    @Chintan-Hugs back!
    @Sharan-Yes stay connected man!
    @chitra-hahaa! ok as you say!
    @Komal,trupty- thanks!

  8. No one can say this is your first creation... Its perfectly written and flows very well... and with very good meaning... I loved it :)

  9. I don't know what to say yaar. You warmed my heart and then broke it into pieces.

    Hopefully, wings or not, you will always fly.

    God bless!


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