Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Very temperamental at times , Yes I am . I have turned into 'gregarious guy' who connects but never forgets. Lot of times , In a contingent and random way I do remember a lot of people whom I have lost contact someway or the other .

Recent in the list are most of the people who bolstered my first 10 years, I can't stop myself to think about Sonia Didi , She used to be in college when i was around 5 , I remember she had a topic everyday to test  my writing skills (and I did make some grammar mistakes at that age) . 

With Shahid Afridi all over her  room ,She made me no-stranger to the cricketing rules . I was watching some of my photo albums today , I recalled a moment when I was howling watching her being upset after she  had broken her nail , Oh my! That was something she took so much care of. 
When we left that place was the last time I met her and so was that hug which I don't seem to forget.

That unblemishness and stupidity is still alive , Out of no-where I try to find people on social networking sites for hours  but to no-avail most of the times.

Sudarshan at IIIT Allahabad 

The IIIT science conclave (2nd) gave me an opportunity I would love to cherish whole my life , Such exposure and such people. Those seven days had just about everything and how can I forget interacting  with this guy from mumbai Sudarshan (The first person I met there) . Postdate a moment of grief when he was just about to leave , He managed to go near the back window of the Bus only for his beautiful smile to be  captured and sent to him.


  1. ah! i almost chocked after reading the last para....i am chatting with my school friends for 2-3 days and it's hard to imagine how we all moved to different towns...if only world could have been a big happy family....why is peace such a far fetched dream :(

  2. it's a very sweet gesture that you remembered the two wonderful people in your post today & so lovingly. if Sonia & Sudarshan get to read this, it will warm their hearts too :)

    request: can you pls remove the word verification for comments?

  3. @Chintan -Yes :(
    @Sujatha-I would just love it if they come to read it someday.
    And i never knew i had word verification enabled ,
    Jeez it's crap!

  4. Gratitude and the fact that u remember old friends makes you a wonderful friend, I am sure.

  5. mentioned you here

  6. :) i have come from there only :)

  7. Yeah that's very sweet, Ashish. And sometimes, one ends up finding really great friends like that. I have too. :) Most of my blogger friends have become good friends.. and I think once you make a connection with a person, you mustn't forget it. Friends are blessings. :)
    Happy New Year


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