Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Poet meets Poet

I seek the stimulation of my nerves
In order to bear with the scrutiny of the world
I mark a target everyday
To make my place on this damn earth
I indulge myself in that intoxication
Of a puff of smoke
And some teary eyed dreams
cinders of my breath,
Hold that marks to ambition,
I strain myself to success,
Leaving the flight of pleasure and

Amidst that short spell,
Flowing out with those snivels,
I never tried to get above the surface,
Yet the surface beckons me above…
I tested that endurance
That feeling is inexplicable
I implore the mercy of success
And what’s left behind me.
Is a plethora of thoughts.
And my mind then becomes..
a palimpsest..

I booze my own anger,
I suspecct to move ahead,
IN the wee hours,
Blown and dispossessed,
I set myself free……

Scorching my ears,
These shadows nearing to bundle,
Scare with my flings,
I comprehend , not to wait on

But to move on
With that desire
That passion..the fervour
To create and Create
I drown myself into the embrace
A cascade of unfulfilled aspirations
And some pages written and locked
In that Closet…

That backdoor, That closet,
An abstract view of life,
Craved and ruled.
Where to land?
It grips me and nuzzles,
That journey was subtle,
Those lessons never got soaked,
Stumped i am, The end,
The deadlines ,

The Designs to defend..
To break but not to bend…
To prove the might and mettle of my soul
Striving for sleep
Yet the slumber deprives me of its lullaby…
I run here and there
To ask myself…
Stopping by the mirror ..i looked that face
Is is really me is the question i put forth…
The mirror lies to me
and i move close

Ashish Nandwani and Abhishek Iyer


  1. superb wrk!!!!!!a very nice vocab..n a true expression of feelings and inner turmoil!!!hats off!!!!
    thanks fer dropping by my blog..on your brthday:-P belated happy brthday!!!
    and blog updated again!give it a read!

  2. beautiful depiction of chaos that fills ur soul..


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