Monday, February 8, 2010

My Sister

This one is dedicated to my sweet sister...

The dizzy mornings,
Delight of waking you up,
Playing with your eye lashes,
My stage craft and dramas..
Adamance to make you smile at the first light...!!!

Hitting my ears whole day,
The lyrical experiences you have to tell,
Dancing upon your exuberance,
Just hope u have some of your animation to sell

Thrashing each other when we do fight,
And then again in some time ,
We get it right.

Lot of ache when I'm away,
Gripping my eyes,It was your hustle;
Driving me to a score of silence,Your impression..
Even with the Stiff of moments,
I would never want you to sway...

Notching every corner of success,
I'll be there to hold your hand,
To see u have a ball;
I just feel you're coming of age,
Never made me feel.
You are so small


  1. Nice work man..
    keep it up..tht was some real complex stuff!!!

  2. Poetry is all about striking that sensitive chord of human nature. Personally, nothing ever has given me more pleasure than the warmth I feel while cuddling my little brother. And that chord of my heart has been plucked by your words. I'm caught between the agony of the geographical distance between the two of and the bliss of the memories of the times I have spent with him.

  3. really well framed...n every bit of dis beautiful relationship has been captured......grt work,keep it up!

  4. Very touching..
    It's rare to find poems for sisters.The innocent love,child like fight,moral support shared in the brother -sister relation is expressed - simply beautiful !!


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