Thursday, September 15, 2011

The City never sleeps but I do

 I wrote this a while back the time I was coming back from Ambala to Chandigarh (back home). The time, I was feeling good about myself  , I was on my way to catch a Bus. Walking faster and faster I had to slow down occasionally. A lot of scenes emerged in front of my eyes ,There were people having no place to live in ,  chaos and buses , dashes , beats , mucks and what not.With a random look here and there , I preferred to move ahead but not to my liking. The phase was very difficult.

In charge of , In command of
Movements brisk as ever
Walking to run , As i run to feel.

Those strains and animations ,
Making me stroll and stop again
As I look straight
Refusing to offer a hand,
Here goes my eyes split
To melt the sand in my shoes.

I struggle with resistance,
To fall eventually
The fire never leaves me
As I inspire myself..

 I try to catch a wink,
They still ask for a hand??


  1. A friend once said,"change what you can,accept what you can not" thwre will be a day when you would help someone...and when you feel *yes,now i can*

    You know as they say...its their karma. You do yours.That is why you are here.

  2. A lovely post... liked it . Agree with Chintan

  3. ur posts hav deep meaning to convey.. really liked it!!

  4. Eyes get wide open when they see familiar names..Ambala :D

    About poem in the post-Liked the way you put emotions in those words ...


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